Living at Luxury Fly-in Airpark Communities

Living at Luxury Fly-in Airpark Communities

Wall Street Journal writer, Nancy Keates, in her recent Real Estate article about individuals living at fly-in airpark communities does a terrific job of highlighting the attractions so many individuals enjoy about these special fly-in airpark communities throughout the United States.

Steve Zbranek, founding partner of Austin based, Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes and a licensed commercial pilot for 36 years states, “Pilots and plane owners tend to use their aircraft more frequently when they are conveniently located at our own private residences. It just makes it so easy to get into your plane and take off at a moment’s notice. Then there’s the fact that living with your plane provides a natural entertainment factor that plane owners really enjoy…we just love watching planes land and take off!”
As the exclusive builders for the new Lakeway Airpark Estates, located next to the Lakeway Airpark and just 20 miles from downtown Austin TX, Zbranek and his team are very excited about the opportunity to build new luxury custom fly-in homes for plane owners and pilots.

While the Lakeway Airpark has been in existence for more than 40 years, Zbranek is working with the developer to build new homes on the last seven acres. His award winning luxury home building firm will focus on eight custom designed homes to meet the specific needs of each buyer. All homes will be offered turn-key to include the property, home with luxury finish outs, attached hangars, swimming pools and landscaping and feature direct runway access. “This is truly the last opportunity for pilots and plane owners to a buy a newly built home at the airpark with all the fly-in capabilities that an attached hangar affords,” he says. Homes will range in size from 3500 to 6000 square feet and will range in price from $1.3Million to $2.3Million for larger homes.

In her article Keats highlights many fly-in communities; unlike these the Lakeway Airpark Estates is conveniently located in the flourishing community of Lakeway, just 20 miles from downtown Austin. In addition to being the state’s capital and home to the US F1 Grand Prix, Austin is largely known as one of the most popular cities in the United States for its strong job market, robust economy and a multitude of entertainment options. Residents of the South Lake Travis area enjoy diverse employment opportunities, countless shopping options and spectacular natural environment with numerous water sport and outdoor activities. Entertainment options are vast and center around seemingly endless live music venues and top rated restaurants calling the Austin area home.

Additionally, Lakeway Airpark Estates offers the ability to have newly constructed Texas airport homes that are located within the prestigious Lake Travis Independent School District. The Lake Travis school district is one of the most highly rated districts in the state of Texas. The district is rated as “Exemplary” by the Texas Education Agency and boasts an extremely strong athletics program as well.

Zbranek agrees with Keates point stating that, “When plane owners have the ability to use their aircraft more frequently, it makes the economics of owning a plane more efficient. Folks really do enjoy the convenience factor of being able to push the hangar door button and take off for quick jaunt to restaurant or other location they wouldn’t be so inclined to drive long distances to.” He further adds, “We also like the ability to have additional storage space in our hangars for lots of toys!


For pilots desiring to live near Austin Texas at a luxury airpark community with fly-in capabilities and attached hangars, Lakeway Airpark Estates is a tremendous opportunity. Contact Steve Zbranek directly at 512-261-0344 or with any questions regarding building one of the new Lakeway Airpark Estates homes.

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